Friday, August 21, 2009


Tonight was a night of faggotry which has been needed. A great ape from the west came after extensive bio-research in the mescalinated outdoors. 

No start it again.

Today was a night of faggotry which was been needed. My friend friend jack came back from Utah and we did some talking about shit. I guess mainly art. Now what sucks is I can't remember. No it was art. We shared art, ideas, feelings, and thoughts. It was an amazing time. Good shit. 

Check these out. Fucking WHOA.

Im blown away.

To who this may concern,

[------Text is illegible------]ly, but she [--------------Text is illegible--------------] I want to tell. But I'm too [Removed]. Thats why I wo[



        ] just gets it.


Lucas Tephant

PS. i w[--------Scribbled--------]u[----Scribbled----]y[-------------------------------Scribbled-------------------------------] K-------5-----P. I love [Removed]

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