Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cops Know You're High

This story is based on true events And other possible ideas that may develop throughout me writing this.

I visited my friend Mae. She writes, you should check out out in my deepthroat section. Its on the right had column. Shits dope dude. We decided to go to a Provincial town off of Cape Horn. We decided to take the space shuttle which only took 10 hours to arrive in Chile. Though it was two dollars so one can't complain about no lunch being served on the flight.

As we arrived we took our horses out of the stable, mounted them. We were off in a wild land where people lived free of worries, expressed themselves to the fullest extent, and people still accepted then regardless of anything. This place brings yourself out. Little did I know, my family had apparently taken a space shuttle down there as well. Mae and I had bumped into them and within minutes my father had gone missing.

Dad? Daaad? DAAAAD?! Cops know you're high. Don't Look. Now.

I was scared for I may never see my dad again. Luckily for me I have two more dads.

A boat was crying for help. It was beached. All the whales that walked by had been laughing at it. White, red and yellow stripes glazed the sides.
This twin sister was looking at your uncle.

Teach me how to speak Mae, and I'll teach you how to speak me.

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