Thursday, January 29, 2009


So working my own business, seems to be working well. I've been told by the people I work with that I am "a good guy." It's interesting to see how I can work with such different people, such as the fuck ups, casual business men, big business men, average dude, anyone you can think of.

It had to start up again but with this new collaboration going on I think things will start to turn around and just go up from here. If I can get in contact with certain people it could sky rocket.

People are important. Treat them like a person. Listen to them. Talk to them. Hang out with them. Learn about them. Befriend Them.

Ms. Red perhaps this is why you wanted me. I have the people skills you seem to lack and wish to have. I'll start the war if it must happen.

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fate said...

Good luck with your business!