Monday, March 3, 2008

That Hat Really Brings Your Ass Out

Yeah, I made the holes in my ears bigger today. 6g, I don't know how much bigger I'll make them...I'm sort of tempted to go bigger but then again, no. Well I guess it depends on what color the gauges are. Plain old stainless steel is LAME SAUSAGE! I need some bad ass colors or something.

Today was fucking weird but in a great awesome way.

Wake up at 930 or so, and decide not to go to class because it would be a waste of gas and time. Went to Newbs with Brie. We talked about weird annoying people that we hate and also about cool awesome people that rule. Those of you should know who they be.

On the way there I saw a crap load of people randomly it was kinda sweet. Saw one of my loves drive by, we waved, I felt great. We drove on. The china man sped by as well I laughed because he's awesome.

Got two new vinyls today as well:
Wolf Eyes - Solo
Hot Chip - Made In The Dark

I've been getting really into Wolf Eyes lately. It's just drone-noise-ambient trash. It's so fucking weird and gives me the chills a lot but I love it to death. I need more bands like this.

On the way back I see Douglas walking on 27. What the fuck!? IT WAS LEGENDARY.

I think it's interesting how this is turning into sort of journal entries. Hmmm I don't know how I feel about that.

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