Sunday, March 2, 2008

"Orthopedic Magic," Replied Dale Davis

A weekend that will stick out like nothing else until...well either another bad ass weekend or the summer or something 'ruther. I got a glimpse of college I guess you could say. It was rad. No scratch that, fucking epic. Spending the weekend at Skidmore with Jamie, Thomas and Sakes was pretty fucking lepic.

The drive was fucking crazy. Driving into a storm is not highly suggested but well worth it. The drive there due to snow was probably around 5ish hours when it should have taken around 3? If we left any later than 7, I think we would have died, but again well worth it.

As soon as we get there we see J, in shorts and dressed as if he were ready to go to Wimbledon. Shorts, high socks, polo shirt, and to top it all off, a sweater over his shoulders. Oh yeah he was drunk and it was amazing.

During this weekend there was much recreating. Tried some AK, though it did not flow perfectly to where it was meant to go, I guess I still got a small taste. I definitely need to try some in it's pure form, untouched perfection. During the AK trials it came to a halt due to reasons disclosed by people. And it was then continued in Jamie's dorm.

Dale Davis, Dale Davis' Dad, Jeff Cutter, Alexander Grambell, and many others made phenomenal appearances through the night. Mind you these were not brought up by Jamie, but fucking Josh Gladstone. Kid is so amazingly epic and legendary. Jamie's stupid great random blurt outs stuck to the people of Skidmore and it's comforting. They are real people. Everyone there is completely real, no mannequins.

Saturday started like it should. Up at around noonish, grab some eatables at the D-hall. Talk about awesome shit. And then...we went to work out. I worked out. I WORKED OUT. WHOAAA. When does that happen? Never, but I'll be honest it felt great, even though I was just on a bike for forty-five minutes pushing 110+ RPM BABY! My ass hurt a crap load afterwords, and actually it still does...damnit.

Some stuff happened later on, we got food talked more. Good classic Wazoo shit. It became night as it always happened and well some jungles were concocted and some people became loose and such. We ended up going to some random house party that was pretty insane. I met and fell in love with a beautiful piece of blown glass, only to have her taken away from me, because her attractive girlfriend wanted it back. And it continued outside the room. Cloud nine was in effect and I was given an alter ego by sakes. I now went to Harvard, and was in the computer science college. It was fun and what not.

Red hair then filled the room. Sitting in a chair, classy, cute, adorable, and just awesome and mad cool. I guess now you could say I have created my own four. I call it M.O.K.Z. Hmmm...doesn't sound great but I'm sure there is a combination that sounds somewhat enticing. I feel like I could just rant and rant about this. Maybe I should? I don't know let's keep it cool for now. I shouldn't make this into a huge blank joke, because there is nothing to be made of it. Knowing myself though it will most likely turn into a blank joke, except there are too many syllables to make it flow. Now I'm just ranting...Damnit.

After that died down we then headed to another party on campus. Reaves B to be exact (why did I even say that?) There was nothing going on at first but then more and more people came as was expected. I decided to drink, why the hell not right? Even after I was altered, beer still tasted like balls glazed with baking powder. Played some games of flip cup against O. It was
grand. Some more recreating was done and more flipping as well. It came to an end and I was still in hopes of a session of cuddle or something. Sad I know, but hey I can dream and fuck it I will. Nothing though but it was ok, because Michigan is always in the palm of my hands.

Michigan is always in the palm of my hands. Always.

On the way back as we were getting off the New York Thruway to get onto the mass pike, we were stopped by five state troopers. On the exit to get off they were stopping everyone checking licences and registration and such. They asked if we drank or smoked in the past 24 hours. Oh no officer we are just hung over or burnt out of our minds. Sounds good! And off we went to our homes.

All in all it was a great weekend and I want to experience it again and again and again and again for ever. I want to enjoy myself like I did this weekend more and more. This was long...

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