Friday, November 20, 2009


Alright so my night went from Yes, to yes, to fuck, to YES AGAIN.

So I went to the ICA in Boston with Karla. It was a little...blah, but they did have some really cool pieces. For starters, they have an old vintage VW Beetle taken apart and suspended in a room. You could walk around it and be inside the car so to speak.

"Cosmic Thing," 2002.
Damián Ortega

Another piece that blew me away were videos of clay bricks set up like dominoes on 16mm film. There were about 11 reels going on at one time in the entire room, each synchronized to start at different times. Speakers were set up in front of each projection and gave it a very surround sound feel. Really interesting stuff.

Still from "Nine Types of Terrain," 2007.
Damián Ortega

Lastly we went into large dark room. There were eight projectors projecting glass from a warehouse building and nothing else. Some were cracked, shattered, what have you. As we entered we heard gunshots, English speaking people; I'm assuming soldiers since they were talking about helping a little girl or not. Minutes later, the gun firing stopped, and foreign voices filled the air. I didn't know exactly what language it was, but I want to say an oriental language, maybe Vietnamese. They started screaming and crying over what seemed to be the little girl. It then ended.

We went and grabbed food later at this pan-asian food in the style of a modern Japanese ramen bar called Wagamama. It was really cool, since they took orders on a PDA and every waiter took care of you not just

one. The meal was actually pretty damn good. I got some crazy thing I never even heard of, and it was gooood eats. The noodles reminded me of worms, but good worms none the less. Check that place out

Then I drive home and decide to call my friend Tim Chilcott who has inspired me beyond my imagination. Made me feel I can do things that I actually want to do, if I just put effort into it, and quite frankly, I think I just may!

I am my own ideas. We are our thoughts.

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