Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Polaroid Revival?!

WHOA WHOA WHOAAA. OK Polaroid, why have you been hiding behind my back and not letting me know about your Polaroid Two camera HUH!?

Alright looks sweet, but after reading some hand on reviews I am a bit saddened. So first off this thing can print photos! SWEET! But few lame things is that it takes 40 seconds for a photo to print...I know, I know, newish technology. Give it some time and it will be better. Though its printer is built in you don't have to print the photos seconds after you take them. Oh no, if you did that, the battery would die in roughly 15 prints, way to go Polaroid.

The first thing I feel they need to improve is not the image quality, well maybe, but rather battery life and the actual size of the camera. With the dimensions of 76x37x118mm it seems a bit clunky, and well as much as the Polaroid dominated the 80s....I don't want to go back there. Fix on the size and you guys will make a dent in the market I feel.

All in all, looks great! Just needs a few more tweaks and adjustments and I think I may fall in love with Polaroid again. Oh if you guys come back from the dead again, PLEASE start making more 600 and spectra film....

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