Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Immunization Is Taken Lightly

Alright, so since this whole Kanye gay shit happened I was looking on the internets, and i stumbled to Kanyes blog to see what he had to say, cause hes a douche and writes funny shit; or so I last remembered. I get there and BAM ART! SO MUCH I CANT HELP BUT FART IT TO YOU GUYS. Also who knew Kanye was such an art fag? Fucking faggot...

Luke Jerram has created beautiful glass models of diseases such as swine flu, E.Coli, and smallpox to contrast with traditional medical renderings - these bacterium are actually transparent in nature.

In Jerram's words:

"Its great to be exploring the edges of scientific understanding and visualisation of a virus. Scientists aren't able to answer many of the questions I ask them, such as how the RNA is exactly fitted within the Capsid? At the moment, the technology isn't there to answer all these questions for certain. I'm also pushing the boundaries of glassblowing. Some of my designs simply can't be created in glass, Some are simply too fragile and gravity would cause them to collapse under their own weight. So there's a very careful balancing act that needs to take place, between the limitations of current scientific knowledge and glassblowing techniques."

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those are fucking amobea