Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Short Version (AKA Boring) Don't read unless you smell like rotten eggs.

So my friend just started a subscription service for his record label. They are sweet check them out: Branch Records.

Now I really recommend reading the long version because the short version sucks. Really it does.

Long Version (AKA Awesome)

For those who enjoy music-if you don't something is terribly wrong with you- then I have fantastic news. A friend of mine has just recently started a subscription service for his record label! Now before you start assuming the worst, don't because that's just silly.

This label that goes by the name of Branch Records, is quite the label. First I suppose we can point out the obvious: yes branch as in trees! So what does that mean!? Well they plant trees for every CD they sell, they are just straight up GREEN (I was going to make that green, but my monitor only shows blue. Don't ask). So that right there is more incentive to buy music from them.

Another important factor is, oddly enough THE MUSIC! (Insert musical notes here) They have music ranging from: folk, indie, electronic, blues, rock, and everything in between-well no rap but that doesn't mean they won't have it in the future! These guys know what sounds good, look for actual talented musicians and care to progress the music industry away from that commercialism-ism-isms. In other words they do give a shit.

Here are some proposals from satisfied customers:

"I like tortles, and thanks to these sweet Branch Records I can finally understand what my tortles say! THANKS BRANCH RECORDS!"
- I like Tortles Kid
"Before I checked out Branch Records I couldn't pick up ANY girls at the local bar. But ever since I purchased their sweet t-shirt women have been jumping in my arms begging to talk to me! Thanks Branch records! I hope you got the wedding invitation!"
- James "The Former, Former, Former" Farmer
"It's not very often you come across enjoyable music for such a steal. Ten dollars a month for two albums? I feel like I'm robbing them!"
- Lasso Billiard

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