Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Quailing Beetle

So I guess we can find out the past in a bottle these days. It sprouts up so quickly. Fresh, green and warm. How nice for one to hand me a towel after this heated battle between a sickle and mattress.

I wonder if there is a new pair of journalism out today. A new concentration of air? That would be quite nice I suppose. Actually, as a matter of fact it would not. I don't appreciate canned meats while they hold their substinance still. It needs to lose weight for the grills.

It's mouth unpleasant with a touch of a tongue from its nosy neighbors. Now covered in antlers, bruised and battered from the wheat pasteings. They are planted all over the city of malnourished children.

Now go out and discover something that is suitable for your unnatural taste testing. Quailing beetle.

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