Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Yes This One Is About You.

I'm sure you have been anticipating this, well here it is! Just for you a front row seat to my Twelve Step of shut the fuck up seminar! D'aww. I know I love you too much to do this for you. What can I say.

Alrighty so lets just start off with the assumption. My last two posts were not about You(Geena) and Karla. Ok so Maybe it was a little bit about you, but I find it odd how you were so shocked how I looked at your myspace comments, when: A. You did that with me as well. B. Read my myspace messages between the girl you hate for no apparent reason when I would never dare to do that to you, and lastly C. Still read my blog. Still goes to show you that you care about me. You said that to me all the time as well.

By the way it still makes no sense. Im sure others would think so.

From a man who doens't take you for granted.

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