Wednesday, April 30, 2008

That Balding Head of Yours Is Showing

Stubborn old man.
Can't get something new in your head?
I guess not. You can't stand it.
If its broken, make it work.
If it works, make it better.

Sliced hands. Aching backs.
Something we all deal with.

i'll get back to this sometime later.


This Dissilient Seed said...

is this blog all of your writing or do you have any other collections stashed somewhere else? cause i've pretty much read everything here and i really enjoy your style.

Franco said...

A lot of this is just improvisation, or just shit that gets in my head from time to time.

This Dissilient Seed said...

Well you should collect all your writing in a portfolio of some sorts.
I've actually been planning on trying to get together a bunch of writing from different people and DIY publish a collective book and if your down I'd like it if you'd submit some works of yours.

Franco said...

Hey go for it man. Take whatever you find interesting. Surprised someone actually enjoys this shit.