Friday, April 4, 2008


Today was nice. Got myself a Korg EMX for 150 instead of 500 which was dope. Going to make some musics. My father showed me some headphone he brought back from Okinawa back when he was in the service.

They are so fucking sweet. HUGE, but sweet. They look like something NASA would use back in the 60's when the moon landing was going on. Cream colored. Two dials on each speaker for volume and tone.
That right there is just crazy. Sounds crisp, real, deep, loud, awesome.

Now I can do something productive when smoking. Instead of usual, nothing.

Oh by the way I've done some thinking. I think it's time to end this feud that seemed to have come from nowhere. It's stupid, and if you think other wise...well thats just a shame.

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