Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Uncovered Obsessions

I just found a little something I wrote back in December, and I don't remember writing this thing at all. Kinda interesting stuff. It's not going to be shared, yet. Maybe in the next who knows when, but by then I may not even write here anymore. Yeh side tracked.

Umm. I've been playing Brawl a lot so yeah less posting here, but it's ok it's time well wasted I would say. I've recently stopped playing WoW for some time, don't really know why but I have. It will creep back into me and waste more time-in a good way.

Oh shit! I had some leftover Polaroid 600 film because I don't have a compatible camera. So I just took the pictures and pushed the chemicals on to the film so it makes these sweet ass abstract prints/photos/what have you. I need go to the high school and scan them in.

This seemed forced? I don't know why.

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