Sunday, February 3, 2008

Left Around The Emergency Room

Let's learn to talk to others. Do not be afraid to speak your mind. Get it out or it will implode in your head. Tonight is a night of experimentation with ourselves. Discover what it is you want to say. Figure out a way in which to get it out with the tools you have. Mouth, letters, art, express it.

What does it matter what others think of you. To you, they are just as funny as you are to them.
I'm starting to miss everything again. I enjoyed watching a depressing football game with Fred and Becca, though...I feel like something was wrong. I don't know what. Perhaps I need to get over some things. Perhaps I need to occupy myself with shit to do. Yeah, I need more art in my life. Where has my art fag part of me gone?

Where did it go...

1 comment:

Athom said...

do it.

do art all day. everyday.

every second not spent making, learning or viewing something aesthetically interesting is a second wasted.