Friday, January 25, 2008

"Odd, Hitler Didn't Paint Orange." "He Didn't Use The Color?" "No, It's a Corporate Odyssey..."

Discovering new ideas with taste. Right now I am eating some classic Lays, with papa gino's Caesar salad dressing. To be honest, it's actually not that bad. The dressing evens out the saltiness of the chips BUT in a good way. I know some people, like myself enjoy the salt.

It's a Peculiar pantry.
All ends covered with antiquing jousts.
In comes the wallowing grant kiss.
Inter-fegfi boiling growing
Slip far lost aging tree.
Graged knaffs Antonio.
Make zealous quarts green.
Nightly tracking rent.
Laughing his last trench coat.
Just incase bring the veal.
Open the trambled rat from snails.
It's far from what is.

If you havn't noticed I wrote these short...abrstract use of words.

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