Monday, January 7, 2008

Melodic isotopic listening style

The crashing waves hitting the spectacular ice. Glistening creating such soft melting tones and colors. This is what it has come down to. Alternating patterns mashing together to forge such imperialistic moods for others to experience. Ice is no longer solid once it is prone to disease and viruses. Many have been hard at work crafting such a plan to rid of the leaves on the disease carrying trees.

"We'll have to erexcuse my friend jamels here for his absolute cameltoe he was riding in the wrye carbayarb. Be easy on him. He breezy on shim. Gim Cheesey on mim." - Jamie

Spiking towers ripping through the skies of our world. What a strange feeling it must be, seeing your own scalp from a birds eye view. Out of your head, a worm, working its way into hell. Crawling, twisting and turning, hoping to get one step closer to nothingness.

I thought about you again. There was beautiful music, and you popped in my head. It made me smile. Happy. Unexplainablly perfect. You.

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