Saturday, January 5, 2008

And then...

I found my original post that blogger saved. Enjoy it.

Jesus walked on water, or was it ice? People may have solved that bible mystery as to how Jesus did infact walk on water. Well who knows to for sure. I know I don't. Let's just ask our seagull guest here.
"Frankly I find this stupid," answers the seagull.
Man replies,"Frankly I find you stupid," and he takes out a pistol hidden in his hairnet. He points it to the seagulls face and says, "Are you sure this is stupid now?" The trigger was pulled. The dreamed concluded.

Anticipating the glass to finaly disengrate to just pure air. That would be the day. A swell day indeed. With black holes cuddling with their favorite planets. Strange succluded camps of gnolls.

Intricate fossils. Their bown structures seeming impossible to even create such beautiful antiques at an antique store. Sales decresing due to uninterested text forumals. The ones used for Dungeons & Dragons. Well too bad I was just a damn gnome, no one liked the gnomes. Sabrina did.

Bandwith is wasted too often in this place. There are never any fully established connections between the host and th connecter. It needs more nector, from Hector. This is lamenor. Sorry.

California. Wyoming. Panama. Cape Horn. Cape Cod. Fauna. Flora. Disease. Creating the false hope of Judith when the sky fell on. It lost balance. It grew tired. It knew it could not last long. Or forever.

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